First introduced in 2010, Agra was the first then became the flagship frame set of Pias Cycles. We needed a high quality steel frame for local market. Cyclonesia and Pias Cycles teamed up to build Agra. Designed as a track bike for the urban streets. The distinguish slight pursuit top tube quickly became the Agra’s signature. Built from 4130 double-butted tubing, we are always aiming for better quality frame sets. The fork got redesigned in 2012, swapping 45˚ rake to 35˚, as we perfected the ride. Agra 2.0 as we call it back in the day.

4 years later, Pias assigned Rangga Panji (Pancalen Cycles) to be the head designer. Being one resourceful mechanic and frame designer, he designed Pias Cycles one-to-rule-them-all frame, the Scarab. Then we passed him a huge task, to update the Agra. The result? He tore down, redesigned, and remastered the Agra. With a pure track geometry in mind, the 2015 Agra is becoming more aggressive than ever, without sacrificing Agra’s characteristic. Remember that feeling when you first time ride your bike? Agra 2015 will take you there again.